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Best web design and development company
Best mobile apps design and development company
The only company approved by Google in Egypt and holds a Gold Partner account, which gives you many of the advantages of Google

Get the largest number of target customers at the lowest costs

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Features you get from Tech4Life

  • Professional American servers.
  • Marketing plans.
  • Unique design for every project.
  • Professional experience and previous work.
  • 24 hours / 7 days Comprehensive technical support.
  • A contract to guarantee the rights of both parties.
  • A company registered by the Investment Authority.
  • Payment methods inside and outside Egypt.
  • The possibility of online contracting.
  • official online offers.
  • Submit formal offers online.

registered company

A company registered with the Investment Authority with a commercial register and tax card to guarantee your right

A contract of guarantee for both parties

Registered by the Investment Authority with legal papers that make your agreement secure

Professional American servers

Get the most powerful American servers with technical support throughout the week

full technical support

24 hours technical support to solve any problem face you

Certified by CSQE

We have enough knowledge in all fields due to our long previous work through 12 years experience.
Mobile app design and programming

Tech4life have more than 30 excellent programmers work hard for your app whatever Android or IOS.

“The company has a CSQE certificate for software quality from America and a partner of Google’s partners in Egypt”.

Now our applications are in all countries of the world, especially Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman.

Mobile app design prices :

  • Do not look for the lowest prices in the market because you may get an application that does not match your point of view or has major technical problems.
  • Application design prices will not be determined before your idea is completely clear, as they are different due to the features that you need in your application, so the WhatsApp application cannot be like the Truecaller application. They differ in the characteristics as well as in the prices so I advise you to search for the lowest price company, but you must search About who can fulfill your requests and achieve your goal of designing a professional application.
Website design

First, evaluating your site in Google, and the compatibility of the design and programming with Google standards, is all that is needed. There is a lot of money in marketing, and you will not receive the right number of customers for the marketing cost paid for competitors in your field on Google, so you will not get customers like them because of the high price of clicks for you, and their click price is much lower than you because of the quality of the design and programming of their site is fully compatible with Google and again The need for the hosting site to be a respectable site because this affects the evaluation in Google in return for your site, so what will guarantee you that you receive your site from us with the highest rating in Google and the strongest design compatible with Google? It is simple. You will enter the Google website to test your site and you will see the evaluation. If it is weak, you will not receive your site, and not like that, but also if the marketing is successful with you, we will return your money, and this is why there are almost free sites and other sites that are expensive. It takes a high evaluation in Google and is compatible with Google standards in programming and design, and the second is that there is a great effort in the implementation, other than protection from penetration of your site through 6 stages of protection with an official guarantee in the contract, and of course you will receive an official contract with a commercial record sealed with the company’s seal that guarantees you The quality of your site and also free technical support for a year from the date of receiving your site to ensure that if there is any problem with the site, God forbid, it will be resolved immediately without any additional expenses like this guarantee for a year and our technical support works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has a number Contact the technical support department

google ads

Advertising campaign management 20%, including creating the funded campaign, filtering negative words daily, developing the campaign weekly through a team certified by Google, linking and following up your site with Google Analytics, and a comprehensive report approved by Google on the quality of your site. Your ad with us will always be the winners among your competitors and you will see This is for yourself after the probationary period before the start of the main campaign, and the choice is whether to continue with us or not

The results of e-marketing from Tech4Life go beyond your dreams through social media marketing that sheds light on your field of work through these ways:
  • Facebook.
  • snap chat
  • YouTube.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • LinkedIn.
  • tik tok
  • Google of all kinds
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